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MRC Entertainment

MRC Entertainment is one of the largest entertainment companies in Los Angeles. They've worked on movies such as Ted and they've been nominated for 94 Emmy awards. We are working on their full website and other internal projects.

What we did

UI/UX Design

Website Development


MRC is a large company so a huge challenge is keeping a smooth workflow and getting work approved on time. We've been able to overcome this challenge with the usage of a shareable monday board and direct text communication.



Staging & Approvals

Final Design



Project Manager, MRC Entertainment

MRC appreciated how eager the moontek team was to work on the project. The team went above and beyond what the company expected and executed all their tasks flawlessly. As a result, the company will maintain a relationship with the team for future projects.

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Coming live soon

This website is now live. Check out our work below!

This app is now on the app store for download. Check out our work below!

This project is complete but it is pending to go live. We will update the status once it's live.

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