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We’re moontek, a software company unlike any other. We craft the most beautiful and elegant softwares in the world. Instead of just serving our clients as developers, we are their business partners, helping them build the software and their business at the same time. Read more

Our vision is to create stylish and world changing softwares for our clients while at the same time working on internal projects to solve the most important problems in the world. We’re changing the way a lot of things are done.

Interview process

Our untypical nature as a software company starts at the interview process. We believe that the typical technical interview process is a terrible representation of one’s skills. Instead, we do a ‘test project’.

During the test project, we simulate what the potential moontek employee will do and accurately determine whether they are the right fit. Reason why we do this is simple: we simulate a model that represents the ‘real world’ in the best way instead of the terrible model of random ‘binary search tree’ problems. Our company's success is directly proportional to the talent so we choose very carefully and hire less than 5% of people that go through our interview process.

Our Team

We move fast and we have extremely high standards for every team member at moontek. we only hire exceptional people who are adaptive, driven, and insanely good at communication.

Startup culture always

Each person on our team has the heart and passion of a startup founder. We love the startup culture and will always embrace that no matter how large we grow. This is also why we love working with startups!

Let's work

If you're a passionate entrepreneur with a software project, moontek would love to partner with you to help build the future in the most elegant manner. Contact us and let's get to work!

Our Goal

Our #1 goal is to develop the best softwares for everyone. Whether it's long term sustainability you're looking for, or performance, security, and impact, we are here to empower each other to build a better future together.


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Moontek was started by Ali Ansari, a UC Berkeley Computer Science Engineer




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Our Incredible Team

We move fast and we have extremely high standards for every employee at moontek. Every member on our team is  incredible to say the least.

Ali Ansari


Carissa Mante


Daphne Larkin


Daphney Blanda


David Hayes


Declan Cruickshank


Erin Jaskolski


Fernando Gutmann


Jevon Feest


Jo Pacocha


Kathlyn Zieme


Kayli Ondricka


Madalyn Denesik


Marcus Howe


Myron Jast


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