React: The Best Front-end Framework

March 9, 2021

React: The Best Front-end Framework

The ecosystem of front-end development is continuously evolving. With so many libraries and frameworks available to choose from, it has become more and more difficult to make the 'right' choice. One such framework is ReactJS.

The ReactJS library is developed and maintained by Facebook. It has taken the front-end development world by storm since its inception. More than 220,000 ( websites are using React. Apple, Netflix, Paypal, and a bevy of other industry giants are already using ReactJS in their software development. So, what makes ReactJS so awesome and powerful??

1. Builds Rich User Interfaces

User interface quality is critical for any application. An application may be less likely to succeed if its user interface is poorly designed. Luckily we can achieve such high-quality, rich user interfaces with React's declarative components.

2. Write Custom Components

You can create your own components with JSX, a syntactic extension included in React. Developers can quickly assemble all sub-components and allow HTML quoting. Then, you can combine those components to form new components. This component development increases efficiency and reduces the need for copy paste.

3. Boosts Productivity

Frequently updating an app can be a pain-in-neck when its logic is complex. A single change can significantly impact other parts. As a solution, Facebook has enhanced React with component reusability. You can declare a 'state variable' or a 'prop' within a component and change that prop where you call that component. 

4. SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is the key to any online business's success. We know Google will rank an app higher when it's loading faster and rendering faster. Compared to other frameworks, React reduces website load time significantly, which aids organizations in gaining high rankings on Google.

5. Developer Tools

Applied technology can be entertaining and valuable, but only if it is done correctly. This is why Facebook has added React DevTools and Chrome DevTools to their ReactJS framework. In particular, these tools help developers locate child and parent components, view component hierarchies, and inspect component properties.

6. Strong Community

A big community supports React, another reason for its popularity. Each day, a large number of developers start learning react and according to simform, react is the #1 most popular frontend framework.

With that being said, React is one of the most powerful and scalable tools ever made and this is why we use for almost every project at

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