About the project


CAP60 is a data management software for non profits. We re-developed their landing page and are now working on their web app portion.

What we did

UI/UX Design

Website Development


CAP60 old design was extremely poor with lots of UI/UX issues. Our initial job was to redesign this while at the same time keeping in mind our audience age of 50+.

Keeping design professional and modern

Target Audience

Final Design


Benjamin Java


CAP60 described the new website as visually appealing, quick to load, and professional. The company was most impressed with how quickly the team delivered the project and even required minimal input from them, which they appreciated.

Check live version

Coming live soon

This website is now live. Check out our work below!

This app is now on the app store for download. Check out our work below!

This project is complete but it is pending to go live. We will update the status once it's live.

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App Store

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